Look at Holly, now look at your loved one, back to Holly, now back to your loved one - that look of disappointment that just washed over your face - yup that was the realisation sinking in that the most precious person in your life just won second prize. But worry not, for Holly, one of the two finest looking English Shepherds in the UK (the other is her twin sister Wizz), is about to have a litter of pups - and maybe, just maybe, you could be lucky enough have one!

Born in 2008, Holly was one of the first litter of English Shepherds to be born in the UK as breeder Jackie Graves began to reintroduce the breed to our shores. Heralding from the Edenvillage 'A' litter, our A-list pup arrived as a bouncing bundle of joy just prior to Christmas and quickly stole our hearts. Blessed with stunning good looks, a fantastic temperament, intelligence and boundless energy (she loves Agility), Holly has taken a special place in our family - raising the looks and intelligence quotient for the household from the moment she arrived.

As a pup


As a teenager


All grown up


On an adventure

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