Puppies puppies puppies... Arrived 28th of January 2013...

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Independently verified as the best looking English Shepherd in the UK, it was always our intention to breed from Holly - lets face it, before the reintroduction of English Shepherds, the UK dog population could have done with the genes! The challenge was always going to be finding a suitable male - one handsome enough to complement Holly's unique combination of brains and beauty. Ultimately this led to us importing a male dog from America, and with Zach's arrival in the UK in the summer of 2010 it was only a matter of time before the pitter patter of tiny paws was on the cards.

Ever keen to hone his lovemaking skills before sealing the deal with his new life partner, Zach quickly set about getting two of Holly's sisters pregnant - fathering two litters of pups that are unquestionably the best looking English Shepherd pups in the UK since Holly was born in 2008. Having proven his virility with Holly's sisters it was time to woo Holly, and this he did at the start of December 2012.

Needless to say the mating was successful, and we were delighted to find out that Holly was pregnant. A scan at the end of December 2012 revealed a tummy full of puppies and a follow up scan mid Jan 2013 is suggesting a litter of around 5-6 pups. Only time will tell the true number - Holly's mother would regularly have litters in the region of 10 pups so we are bracing ourselves for all eventualities - however the vet has confirmed that the pups that were visible on the scan were quite possibly the cutest and cleverest looking pups they have ever seen!

Dam - Holly (Edenvillage Angel)

Born: November 2008
Starsign: Scorpio
Parents: Adam and Eve of Edenvillage English Shepherds, UK
Hip-Score: Not Tested Yet (Linage all have excellent hip scores)
Likes: Agility, Kongs, her garden, bones, driving in the car with the top down...
Dislikes: Foxes stealing her Kongs, Strangers coming near her garden...

Sire - Zach (Carols Bouncing Boy)

Born: May 2009
Starsign: Gemini
Parents: Carousel's Sweet Lisa and Sonny Tucker McCarty of Carousel Farm, USA
Hip-Score: 3-5 (A fantastic hip score and a set of hips to set the ladies hearts racing!)
Likes: Meat, ladies, meat pies, more ladies - dont mind if I do...
Dislikes: The Postman, Holly mounting him, anything thats not meat...

Waiting List

Don't spend your life sitting on the waiting list for a mediocre puppy that will ultimately leave you feeling secretly disappointed. You have worked hard, you deserve better, your grandfather didnt fight in the war so you would end up settling for a Setter! Its time to take what you deserve, you've earned it!

No longer does your trophy wife need to take pride of place in your life! Leave the balding sugar daddy at home - its time for you to give him back the keys to the ladies sports car and step up, step out and take your rightful place as the proud owner of one of the UK's finest English Shepherd pups - the only breed in the world that could make someone as handsome / beautiful / successful as yourself look like the ugly kid that got bullied in school for smelling like milk!

Prospective owners who think they have what it takes are invited to respectfully introduce themselves via email, providing details of their favourite meats, Kong preference (outdoor / water proof / wooly) and a butchers reference.

NB: Please also supply a recent photograph of the meat drawer of your refrigerator as evidence of your credentials.


While the litter will arrive in Scotland, we are fortunate to have family based in the Leeds area and it is our intention to offer owners a choice of pickup location.

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