When it came to looking for a life mate for Holly it became quickly apparent that there was quite simply no English Shepherd males in the UK or Europe that would fit the bill. Not least of all because the breed was only just being reintroduced to the continent and the only known breeding male was her father Adam! At this point it was clear we would need to cast the net further to find a potential soul mate. Discounting and craigslist as being unsuitable we finally set our sights on Carousel Farm in the USA.

Heralding from the mighty state of West Virginia, Zach (Carols Bouncing Boy) is the son of proud parents 'Carousel's Sweet Lisa' and 'Sonny Tucker McCarty'. Born in May 2009, Zach spent his first 12 months living on Carousel farm awaiting his Pet Passport before flying over to the UK to 'take care of his bitches' as he became the UK's second English Shepherd stud dog.

As a pup

Zach Pup - Right.jpg
Zach pup right 2.jpg
Zach Teenager 1.JPG

As a teenager

Zach Teenager 2.JPG
zach teenager 5.JPG

All grown up

Zach Teenager 6.jpg
IMG_2238 (1).jpg

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